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        1. โปรโมชั่น แจกเครดิตให้คนเล่นป๊อกเด้ง

          Serving Northern, Central & Southern Alberta - 780-222-6389

          Stahl Storage Solutions

          NEW: We now serve All of Alberta and we look forward to hearing from you. Give Michael a call today.

          Serving Northern, Central & Southern Alberta

          We build Commercial Buildings and Permanent Structures
          as well as Portable Buildings of all kinds.


          Sheds & Garages



          Prices & Options

          Stahl Storage Solutions on the move . . . "What was your address again?"

          Stahl Storage Solutions for Albertans

          Portable Buildings for Albertans - Portable Garages - Portable Storage Buildings

          Stahl Storage Solutions

          Storage Garages for your vehicles or ATVs

          Stahl Storage Solutions

          Storage Sheds - Modular buildings - livestock barns - Cabins - Toy Sheds

          Stahl Storage Solutions

          Your choice of Cabins

          Stahl Storage Solutions

          Serving Southern Alberta

          Stahl Storage Solutions

          Serving Northern Alberta

          Stahl Storage Solutions

          Serving Central Alberta

          Stahl Storage Solutions

          A portable Garage on its way to your property!

          Stahl Storage Solutions

          Give Michael a call today!

          Old Country Craftmanship

          The care is in the details

          Handy Storage

          A shed for every purpose

          Delivered to your door

          Ready to roll

          Intelligent design

          Nice looking buildings

          Toy Garage

          ATV - Quad - Snowmobile - Whatever

          Another Happy Customer

          Delivery & Setup

          Imagine "Your" Building

          Your choice of decor

          Intelligent Design

          Your choice of decor

          Just imagine your building

          Colours and options

          Stahl Storage Solutions

          We also build Permanent structures and Commercial Buildings

          Stahl Storage Solutions

          Innovative storage

          Stahl Storage Solutions

          On the move

          Innovative Buildings for Albertans!

          Imagine your building & give Michael a call today!
          Commercial Buildings and Shops, Permanent Structures to suit your needs,
          Modular buildings, Cabins, Storage sheds, Livestock barns, Craft studios
          Car garages, Golf cart or ATV storage, Portable Workshops & Offices

          Your one stop shop for portable buildings.

          We have the right building for you and build to suit!

          Stahl Storage Solutions takes pride in quality old country workmanship at a competitive price.


          Stahl Storage.ca & Five Star Construction.ca have expanded to include all of Alberta.

          Buildings come with a 10 year warranty

          Ask about Stahl Storage Cabins


           "Thanks for the great job on the shingles and fixing/replacing/adding the flashing.  The yard was clean and gutters as well!  Please pass on my appreciation to your team," John G.

          Hi Michael,
          I was very pleased with the quality of work and the service provided. I would definitely recommend you.
          Marvin Sommers 
          Serving Edmonton and Area in Real Estate Since 1987

          Hi Michael  
          thank you for completing building project in a very timely manner,everything went very good was very happy with you and your crews
          workmanship,very curtious and friendly and great pricing to make our project a reality,and will definitely hire you and crew for future projects
          and recommend for future customers,thank you again

          Brian and Eileen

          Buildings come with a 10 year warranty

          Ask about Stahl Storage Cabins

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          Stahl Storage Solutions - Serving Northern , Central & Southern Alberta

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